About Us

Spartan FX was born of our Directors passion for foreign exchange and belief that the client should always come first. Our board of Directors alone have a combined experience of over 50 years in deliverable foreign exchange and desire to use that experience to provide our clients with not only unrivalled exchange rates but also a premium level of service.

Our trading team work with clients to ensure they not only get the best deal but the right deal at the right time. At Spartan FX our approach is to not only save you money but to save you time and streamline your payments and foreign exchange transactions more efficiently.

In today’s World many providers lean towards an impersonal web-based approach to foreign exchange. Spartan FX’s ethos is a more personalised approach, combining unparalleled levels of customer service and understanding, with the benefits of the latest technology.

Foreign Exchange as it should be.

Educated staff

Every individual member of our dealing team has over 8 years of experience in deliverable foreign exchange personally. They’ve handled thousands of transactions so have the knowledge and skill to help your business.

Latest Technology

With our unparalleled levels of service we wanted an online platform that could back that up and that’s exactly what we’ve delivered. With access 24/7 and the ability to transact and see every thing that you would like to know.

Security of Funds

This is of paramount importance to us which is why all funds are sent into client trust accounts for security and no funds are paid directly into our own company bank accounts.

Fast and Free

You can open an account free of charge without any obligation and there are also no hidden fees or costs to your transaction. We send all payments by SWIFT so they arrive at the destination in the fastest possible time.

The right team for you

At Spartan Fx our staff are proud of their level of expertise which is why they specialise in one area and are the best at it. We have a separate personal and corporate trading team and also a partnerships team for all of our referring partners.

Don’t just take our word for it…